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Cast and Cure Sheet Fed

Sheet Fed Equipment

The Sheet Fed Casting Unit is uniquely designed to be retrofit into many different types of printing presses. This unit is available in a variety of formats and sizes format can be matched to press speeds. Stand alone units are available for offline coating units such as screen printing and flexo applications. Inline Cast and Cure™ units are available 

for all types of printing presses. All of the Cast and Cure™ units also have the ability to be fitted to run Cold Foil.

The sheet fed Cast and Cure™ equipment is available in size formats from 20 – 56 inches wide and can integrated into equipment with speeds up to 18,000 sheets per hour (inline). The sheet fed equipment is available with a wide variety of options to 

streamline production and minimize impact on current production schedules. Please contact us for specific details regarding your application.

Cast and Cure™ on a double coater press.

Printers who have invested in multi-unit presses, (6 to 8 print units with double coaters), may be reluctant to sacrifice one or two units for cold foiling or Cast and Cure™ effects.

Cold foiling has traditionally been a process that requires 2 units of a press, one for the adhesive, the next for the foil pressing.

Cast and Cure™ similarly required a unit for the film application and curing following a varnish coat applied through a litho unit or an in-line coater.


Foiltone has recently installed Cast and

Cure™ on an 8 colour Man Roland press with twin coaters. The film application and casting is being done through one of the drying stubs, an installation that allows the Printer to achieve spot or full coat holographic effects in one pass without losing any of the functionality of the press.

This solution has also been successfully installed on Komori and Mitsubishi presses with twin coaters.

Cast and Cure™ is a low-cost process that gives holographic effects which give additional added value for all packaging or commercial print.

By placing the process on a drying stub current designs can be further embellished with no compromise or additional processes.

In 2 of the 3 installations the Printers also have cold foiling in-line. This gives potential for a wide range of effects and finishes—in-line, single pass!

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